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Exercise Bikes vrs Indoor Cycle Turbo Trainers

Exercise bike or turbo trainer

Exercise bikes or turbo trainers?

Exercise Bikes vrs Turbo Trainers. Basically exercise bikes and turbo trainer are one of the same. They both let you workout at home while pedaling your legs. If you want to sweat and work out your … Read More >>

Turbo & Roller Trainers

What is a Turbo Trainer?

A turbo trainer (or bike trainer as they sometimes called) is a device that fits under the back wheel of your standard bike, effectively turning it into a stationary exercise bike. Turbo trainers are ideal for working out when the weather is bad outside, or they can be used as a warm up tool before a major cycle. Turbo trainers can even be used to supplement normal cycling for extra fitness, devising workouts to target specific goals, such as increasing power or interval training. Click here to see turbo trainers >>

What is a Roller Trainer?

A bike roller is a device that consists of 3 rolling cylinders that you can cycle on indoors. As you pedal your back wheel rotates between the two back rollers and you front wheel sits and rotates against the front roller. Bike rollers are seen as more realistic compared to turbo trainers because you are completely free and it requires balance, core stability, and focus as you ride. Rollers are however trickier to master compared to turbo trainers. Click here to see rollers >>

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