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Kick back and relax. Read about the latest cycling tech, best cycling holidays, learn about new brands and get to see the very best of the cycling web


Empower Cyclists

We aim to be the go-to platform for cyclists of all levels, providing the tools and knowledge to enhance their cycling experience.

Genuine Reviews

Our commitment is to deliver unbiased and thorough reviews, ensuring every cyclist makes informed decisions.

Foster Community

Beyond just a website, we're building a community where cyclists can connect, share, and grow together.

Promote Passion

Cycling is more than a sport; it's a way of life. We're here to celebrate and nurture that passion in every cyclist.

Our Story

Born from a passion for cycling and a commitment to excellence, Turbo Bike Trainer began as a dream shared by a group of cycling enthusiasts. We realized that while there were numerous resources available for cyclists, there was a gap when it came to unbiased reviews, expert advice, and a community-driven approach. Thus, Turbo Bike Trainer was born.


Who We Are

Neil Curtis

As our main reviewer, Niel Curtis brings a wealth of experience and a keen eye for detail to Turbo Bike Trainer. With years of cycling under his belt and a passion for the sport that's unmatched, Niel's reviews are both insightful and trusted by our community. His hands-on approach ensures that every piece of equipment is thoroughly tested, providing readers with the most accurate and reliable information.

Jon Moss

The mastermind behind our content and the voice of our newsletter, Jon Moss is dedicated to keeping the Turbo Bike Trainer community informed and engaged. With a knack for storytelling and a deep understanding of the cycling world, Jon crafts compelling articles, guides, and updates that resonate with both beginners and seasoned cyclists. His commitment to delivering fresh and relevant content makes our newsletter a must-read for every cycling enthusiast.

Sebastian LeClerc

Sebastian, often known as "Seb" in the cycling community, carries with him an aura of expertise and passion for the sport. With numerous hours under his belt and years of experience, Seb LeClerc is a name many associate with cycling excellence and insightful commentary. His articles and reviews are eagerly awaited by enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Content We Cover

Gear Reviews

Dive deep into our expert analyses of the latest cycling equipment, from bikes to accessories.

Cycling Routes

Discover breathtaking routes from around the world, curated for both beginners and seasoned cyclists.

Fitness & Nutrition

Stay at your peak performance with our guides on cycling fitness routines and nutrition tips.

Community Stories

Hear from fellow cyclists, sharing their journeys, challenges, and triumphs on two wheels.

How We Work

Every piece of content on our platform is meticulously researched and crafted by our team of experts. We pride ourselves on our rigorous testing process, ensuring that our reviews are genuine and unbiased. Our team doesn’t just write about cycling; we live it.