Elite Direto XR – Turbo Trainer Review

Brand: Elite

Type: Direct Drive

Pros: Great value, Accurate

Cons: Slightly noisier

Weight: 33 lbs

Max Power: 2300W

Max Simulated Gradient: 24%

Noise: 70 dB

Our score: 5/5


The Elite Direto XR is a shining example of what happens when affordability meets high-end features. At first glance, this direct-drive trainer impresses with its sleek design and compact footprint. But it’s when you start using the Direto XR that its true capabilities shine through. Known for its pinpoint accuracy in power readings, this trainer ensures that you’re always aware of your performance metrics. The built-in power meter is a testament to Elite’s commitment to providing value to its users. But accurate power readings are just the tip of the iceberg. The Direto XR boasts a wide range of compatibility with training apps, ensuring that your indoor training sessions are varied and engaging. Whether you’re exploring new virtual worlds or following a structured training plan, this trainer has got you covered. Its compact design doesn’t mean a compromise on stability. Even during high-power sprints or out-of-the-saddle climbs, the Direto XR remains firmly planted, giving you the confidence to push your limits. The setup process is refreshingly straightforward, and the trainer’s foldable design means that storage is a breeze. Noise levels are kept in check, ensuring that you can train at any time of the day or night without disturbing others. In essence, the Elite Direto XR is a versatile and reliable training partner that’s perfect for cyclists who demand accuracy and performance without breaking the bank.


The Elite Direto XR offers a straightforward setup process. Its compact design requires minimal assembly, and the included instructions are clear and concise. The trainer’s integrated power meter eliminates the need for additional calibration, and its adjustable feet ensure stability on uneven surfaces. The Direto XR’s design ensures quick bike mounting, making it easy to get started with training sessions.

Ride and Feel

The Elite Direto XR offers a ride that’s both smooth and challenging. Its integrated power meter provides accurate data, ensuring that every pedal stroke counts. The trainer’s road-feel simulation is top-notch, making virtual climbs and sprints feel incredibly real.


The Elite Direto XR didn’t disappoint. Its accuracy and compatibility with various apps make it a solid choice for those seeking a comprehensive training tool.

Neil Curtis

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