Giant Contend 1 Bike Review

Well, hello there, fellow pedal-pushers and two-wheel enthusiasts! Ready for a bit of a natter about the Giant Contend 1 Bike? Cyclists, grab your helmets because we’re in for a riveting ride. Let’s put this beauty under the microscope, shall we?

I’ve spent the better part of my last six months astride this mechanical marvel, and I’m eager to share the details of my escapade. It’s been ridden on city streets, through the countryside, and up every hill I could find; so trust me when I say, I’ve got a thing or two to say about the Giant Contend 1.

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.” – Alfred Wainwright

Armed with that wisdom, and clad in all-weather gear, I’ve been pitting this bike against whatever Mother Nature can throw at it. So, together let’s peel back the layers and dig into what makes the Giant Contend 1 tick.

About the Giant Contend 1 Bike – Stats and more

Allow me to introduce you to the absolute stunner in the world of endurance road bikes: the Giant Contend 1. A beauty designed by those lovely folks at Giant, the world’s leading brand in high-performance bicycles. The Contend 1 offers a blend of nimble acceleration, smooth riding comfort, and an utterly thrilling on-road experience, it’s no wonder it’s taken the cycling world by storm.

But, don’t just take my word for it! Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty, the statistics that make this bike the enviable workhorse it truly is.


Frame ALUXX-Grade Aluminium
Fork Advanced-Grade Composite, OverDrive Aluminium steerer
Shifters Shimano 105
Brakes Tektro TK-B177
Tyres Giant S-R3 AC, 700x28c
Weight Approximately 9.3 kg for the medium size
Wheel Size 700c
Groupset Shimano 105
Chainset FC-RS510, 34/50
Price Around £999

There are some intriguing features to note which make me giddy with excitement. The ‘OverDrive’ steerer, for example, speaks volumes about the precision of handling it offers, while the Shimano 105 shifters mean smooth gear transitions are just a fingertip away. The use of aluminium for the frame and steerer only goes to show how serious Giant is about delivering a bike that’s both lightweight and astonishingly robust. Then, of course, there are the Tektro TK-B177 brakes which offer unprecedented stopping force and safety in one tidy package. And for the asphalt adventurers among us, the generous 700x28c tyres mean you’re more than equipped to handle whatever the road (or lack thereof) throws at you.

So there you have it, the Giant Contend 1 in all its statistical glory. But trust me, the stats are just the tip of the iceberg. Wait till I tell you about my first impressions of this two-wheeled titan!

First Impressions of the Giant Contend 1 Bike

As an avid cyclist and bike enthusiast, my heart gave a little flutter when I laid eyes on the Giant Contend 1 Bike for the first time. Its sleek design, gunmetal sheen, and streamlined structure made it an instant feast for my eyes. I couldn’t wait to throw a leg over the saddle to experience it firsthand. It was love at first sight, one might say.

What immediately caught my attention was its fully formed ALUXX aluminium frame – lightweight yet reassuringly robust. Extravagantly sturdy, it promised agility and durability, a best-of-both-worlds situation. I couldn’t help but admire its Effective Top Tube (ETT) length, which suggested an ergonomic design to minimize rider strain during my treks.

Meanwhile, the Shimano Sora groupset displayed on the handlebars and the cranks hinted at the seamless shifting I could anticipate. The 18 speed gears more than suggested versatility and adaptiveness to different terrains, something every cyclist seeks.

What’s a good bike without excellent tyres, eh? The Giant Contend 1 didn’t disappoint in this aspect either. The Giant S-R3 sealed wheelset and the Giant P-R3 tyres seemed perfectly capable of delivering a smooth and stable ride. The tributary fret of excitement rushed through me as I imagined the feeling of the road beneath those tyres.

Of course, aesthetics aren’t everything in a bike, but they can certainly turn heads. The Giant Contend 1 seemed to have mastered the art of aesthetics, with its tastefully subdued colour schemes punctuated by neon highlights that added a playful edge to the generally austere presentation. Sets a fine impression, if I do say so myself!

In a nutshell, my first impressions of the Giant Contend 1 Bike were overwhelmingly positive. It looked like a reliable, high-performance machine with thoughtfully designed features. But, impressions can only take you so far; right? I was itching, at this point, to unpack the beauty and get the wheels spinning.

Exploring the Features of the Giant Contend 1 Bike: An Expert’s Take

With any piece of machinery, I firmly believe that it’s the details that make all the difference—and the Giant Contend 1 Bike is no exception. From the sturdy alloy frame and the carbon composite fork to the Shimano Sora shifters and Tektro brakes, every feature has been meticulously built to ensure a smooth, comfortable ride.

1. The Frame:

Constructed from ALUXX-grade butted aluminium, the frame of the Giant Contend 1 is not only lightweight but also impressively robust. Its endurance-focused geometry offers a balanced, rider-friendly feel that’s equally at home on long-distance rides, daily commutes, or high-speed sprints.

2. The Fork:

The carbon composite fork is a standout feature that gives an edge to the Contend 1. It does a great job of dampening road vibrations, ensuring that those long weekend rides are comfortable and less strenuous on the body.

3. The Drivetrain:

The bike features a Shimano Sora 2×9-speed drivetrain. Now, if you’re as into biking as I am, you’d understand why Shimano Sora is such a good choice. It’s smooth, reliable, and offers easy shifting across a versatile range of gears, making any hill or trail a joy to navigate.

4. The Brakes:

When it comes to stopping power, Tektro brakes are second to none. The Giant Contend 1 uses Tektro TK-B177 callipers which offer a firm, reassuring braking response in a variety of conditions.

5. Wheelset:

No review of the Giant Contend 1 would be complete without mentioning its wheels, which are built around Giant’s durable in-house SR-3 wheelset. These roll incredibly well and have been designed to withstand any roughness you may encounter on your journey.

To cap it all off, this bike features a comfy Giant saddle and a set of durable Giant Connect handlebars – both are of high quality and surprisingly comfortable even on long rides.

In conclusion, the Giant Contend 1 Bike has a fantastic array of features; it’s clear that a great deal of attention and precision has been put into its production. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or simply looking for a reliable ride, this could well be the bike you want to invest in.

My Experience Riding the Giant Contend 1 Bike

Well, bikers and bike-lovers, let’s cut to the chase. What is riding the Giant Contend 1 like? Is it a stroll in the park, or more like taking on the Matterhorn? Let me tell you, it’s a bit of both and hands down, one of the best riding experiences I’ve had.

Now, I’ve cycled on many a contraption in my time; from ramshackle time-worn classics to super sleek sportsters. But the Giant Contend 1, blimey; it’s like being in a different gear, literally and figuratively! It’s the Steve McQueen of road bikes – smooth, stylish and effortlessly cool.

From the word go, it was clear; this cycle meant business. My first outing was a 20-mile jaunt across undulating terrain. The handling on the Giant Contend 1, my word, it was like I’d borrowed the steering wheel from Lewis Hamilton’s F1 car. The bike responded to every twitch and turn with an authority that made me feel in total control.

  • The Frame: There’s something about that ALUXX-grade aluminium frame; it’s lightweight but robust. It allowed me to conquer hills without breaking a sweat and yet, gave me the durability I needed when tackling harsher terrains.
  • The Fork: You can’t understate the role of a good fork when you’re hurtling down the countryside at lightning speed, and let me tell you, the composite fork on the Giant Contend 1 did not disappoint. It absorbed shock like a true heavyweight, ensuring a comfortable and smooth ride.
  • The Drivetrain and Brakes: Changing gears was buttery smooth, thanks to Shimano’s Sora groupset. When the going got steep, the bike’s groupset and Tektro brakes made me feel completely secure. Braking was crisp and immediate which is essential when you’re sharing roads with motorists.
  • Wheelset: The Giant SR-3 wheelset coupled with the quality Giant S-R3 AC tyres provided ample grip and were sturdy and reliable over a range of surfaces. Be it a daunting cliff-side ride or a race towards city traffic, the bike took all in its stride.

As a final note; the phrase “comfortable ride” took on a new meaning with the Contend 1. The D-Fuse seat post really lived up to its hype, making those lengthy rides feel an absolute dream.

All told, my romance with the Giant Contend 1 bike was like a well-written book; I was engaged from the get-go, there were thrills, comfort, and it left me wanting to ride again. So, until the next ride, happy cycling to you!

Why the Giant Contend 1 Bike is Worth the Investment: My Personal Opinion

Let’s face facts, chaps; investing in a bike like the Giant Contend 1 isn’t buying a bag of sweets from the corner shop. It’s a significant financial decision. But in my honest opinion, it’s an investment well worth making. Now you might be thinking, “Yep, knew he’d say that, he’s bike-mad,” but let me assure you, I’m not peddling any old bike here. I’ve ridden more bikes than I care to count, and I have to say, it’s not often one wheedles its way into my good books as the Giant Contend 1 has.

Why, you ask? Well, allow me to explain.

The Giant Contend 1 is startlingly versatile. Whether it’s a weekend jaunt in the park, a meandering country road adventure, the daily commute to work, or even a swoop right into a more competitive setting – the Contend is just competent and comfortable everywhere. It’s like a well-trained butler, always ready, never complaining – just get on it and ride!

Plus, let’s remember the frame. Made from high-quality ALUXX aluminium, it’s light, robust and sturdy; a unique blend that’s not so easy to find. Let’s not forget those attractive clean lines and that sleek design either. Who said you couldn’t have a bike that looks as good as it performs?

Now, the element of value. A key thing to remember is that cycling is a lifelong pursuit. The Contend 1, with its enduring quality, makes it a worthy companion. Sure, there might be cheaper bikes out there, but the quality, and trust me on this, just doesn’t weigh up. We’ve talked fork, drivetrain, and brakes, and each component pops out in terms of uncontested quality.

“Spend a bit more, get a lot more.” That’s been my life’s cycling mantra, and the Giant Contend 1 fits that bill perfectly.

No bike is perfect, though, and the Contend 1 is no exception. Its breath is hitched in the highest of gear climbing tough slopes. But it’s such a minor hiccup when you consider the bike’s overall performance and agility. Besides, who doesn’t like a bit of a heart-pumper on an uphill, right?

So, there you have it. A smashing blend of comfort, performance, and aesthetics, all wrapped up in an admirably durable package. A once-in-a-lifetime investment for a lifetime of seamless, joyous cycling. If that’s not a worthwhile investment, folks, I don’t know what is!

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