Kinetic R1 Direct Drive – Turbo Trainer Review

Brand: Kinetic

Type: Direct Drive

Pros: Allows bike to move side-to-side, Quiet

Cons: Expensive

Weight: 47 lbs

Max Power: 2000W

Max Simulated Gradient: 20%

Noise: 62 dB

Our score: 5/5


The Kinetic R1 Direct Drive is the epitome of cutting-edge training technology. This trainer offers an unparalleled degree of freedom, allowing the bike to move naturally with the rider. This not only simulates the feel of outdoor cycling but also promotes better balance and core strength. Its direct-drive design ensures consistent and accurate power measurement, making every training session productive. With seamless integration with popular training apps, the R1 transforms indoor cycling into an immersive experience.


The Kinetic R1 Direct Drive boasts a plug-and-play setup experience. The trainer’s intuitive design ensures quick bike mounting, and its direct-drive mechanism eliminates the need for wheel adjustments. The R1’s sturdy frame provides confidence during intense efforts, making it a reliable companion for indoor training sessions.

Ride and Feel

The Kinetic R1 Direct Drive offers a ride that’s both immersive and dynamic. Its pivoting design replicates the side-to-side movement experienced during outdoor cycling. The direct-drive mechanism ensures a smooth transition between resistance levels, making every session feel like a ride outdoors.


The Kinetic R1 Direct Drive offers a unique ride feel. Its tilting mechanism and direct-drive design make it a standout choice for those seeking a realistic ride indoors.

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