Kinetic Smart Control Power Unit – Turbo Trainer Review

Brand: Kinetic

Type: Fluid

Pros: Upgrade for existing trainers, Accurate

Cons: Only an upgrade unit

Weight: N/A

Max Power: 1800W

Max Simulated Gradient: 12%

Noise: 70 dB

Our score: 4/5


The Kinetic Smart Control Power Unit transforms traditional trainers into smart trainers. This unit offers automatic resistance adjustments in line with virtual terrains or structured workouts. Its design ensures accurate power measurement, allowing for data-driven training sessions. Compatible with popular training platforms, the Smart Control Power Unit promises an interactive and engaging indoor cycling experience.


The Kinetic Smart Control Power Unit boasts an easy setup process. Designed as an upgrade for existing Kinetic trainers, it transforms them into smart trainers. The clear instructions guide users through the installation process, ensuring accurate power readings and interactive resistance control.

Ride and Feel

The Kinetic Smart Control Power Unit transforms your ride into a smart training experience. Its advanced resistance unit adjusts seamlessly to virtual terrains, ensuring a dynamic and realistic ride. The precision and responsiveness of this unit make every session feel tailored and engaging.


The Kinetic Smart Control Power Unit transforms indoor training. Its responsive resistance adjustments and compatibility with training apps make it a top choice for interactive sessions.

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