Tacx Antares – Turbo Trainer Review

Brand: Tacx

Type: Rollers

Pros: Lightweight, Collapsible

Cons: Learning curve for beginners

Weight: 19 lbs

Max Power: N/A

Max Simulated Gradient: N/A

Noise: 72 dB

Our score: 3/5


The Tacx Antares is a testament to the enduring appeal of roller trainers. Its design focuses on stability and balance, allowing cyclists to refine their pedaling technique. The Antares is perfect for warm-up sessions before races or for those looking to improve their cycling form. Its compact and foldable design ensures easy storage and transport, making it a versatile training tool.


Setting up the Tacx Antares was smooth. As a roller trainer, its design focuses on improving balance and technique. The Antares’ parabolic rollers ensure the bike remains centered, and its clear instructions guide users through the setup process, ensuring a safe training experience.

Ride and Feel

Setting up on the Tacx Antares feels like stepping onto a track. As a roller trainer, it challenges your balance and technique, making it perfect for refining your pedal stroke. The Antares’ conical rollers ensure the bike remains centered, offering a safe and efficient training experience.


Riding on the Tacx Antares rollers was both challenging and rewarding. They’re perfect for improving balance and pedal efficiency, making them a favorite among racers and enthusiasts alike.

Neil Curtis
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