Tacx Booster – Turbo Trainer Review

Brand: Tacx

Type: Magnetic

Pros: Affordable, Easy setup

Cons: Manual resistance adjustment

Weight: 28 lbs

Max Power: 1050W

Max Simulated Gradient: 10%

Noise: 75 dB

Our score: 3/5


The Tacx Booster is designed for those who crave intensity. Its magnetic resistance system can simulate steep inclines, making it perfect for high-intensity interval training. With its robust construction, the Booster provides a stable platform for all-out sprints and climbs. Its manual resistance adjustment ensures that you’re always in control of your workout’s intensity.


Setting up the Tacx Booster was a breeze. Its magnetic resistance system ensures a consistent training experience, and the trainer’s robust construction guarantees stability. The clear instructions guide users through the resistance adjustment process, ensuring a tailored workout experience.

Ride and Feel

The Tacx Booster delivers a ride that’s consistent and adjustable. Its manual resistance lever offers ten levels of intensity, ensuring a tailored workout. The trainer’s robust construction ensures stability, making it perfect for pre-race warm-ups and high-intensity sessions.


The Tacx Booster offers a range of resistance levels suitable for high-intensity training. Its manual resistance settings and stable design make it a go-to for serious training sessions.

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