Tacx Neo 2T Smart – Turbo Trainer Review

Brand: Tacx

Type: Direct Drive

Pros: Realistic road feel, No calibration needed

Cons: Expensive

Weight: 47.3 lbs

Max Power: 2200W

Max Simulated Gradient: 25%

Noise: 58 dB

Our score: 5/5


The Tacx Neo 2T Smart is more than just a trainer; it’s a statement of intent from Tacx. This direct-drive trainer is the result of years of research and development, and it shows. One of its standout features is the “road feel” simulation, which allows riders to experience the sensation of different terrains, from cobblestones to gravel. This feature, combined with the trainer’s silent operation, creates an immersive training experience that’s hard to match. But the Neo 2T isn’t just about realism; it’s also about convenience. Its design eliminates the need for external power sources, making it one of the few truly portable direct-drive trainers on the market. The electromagnetic resistance unit is another highlight, providing rapid response to changes in incline or power demands. This ensures that whether you’re tackling a virtual Alpe d’Huez or participating in a high-intensity interval session, the resistance feels natural and instantaneous. The trainer’s build quality is top-notch, with a stable platform that can handle even the most aggressive sprints. The Neo 2T is also known for its high power ceiling, ensuring that it’s suitable for even the most powerful riders. Integration with popular training platforms is seamless, and the trainer’s ANT+ and Bluetooth capabilities ensure that connectivity issues are a thing of the past. In summary, the Tacx Neo 2T Smart is a premium training tool that’s perfect for serious cyclists who refuse to compromise.


Setting up the Tacx Neo 2T Smart was impressively smooth. The trainer’s foldable design meant minimal assembly, and the intuitive LED indicators assisted in ensuring proper bike alignment. The direct-drive mechanism eliminated the need for calibration, making the initial setup even quicker. Its compatibility with various axle types is a bonus, catering to a broad range of cyclists.

Ride and Feel

Riding on the Tacx Neo 2T Smart feels like a dream. Its advanced motor technology provides a realistic road feel, with features like simulated cobblestones and descents. The near-silent operation and direct drive ensure a smooth and quiet ride, perfect for those early morning or late-night sessions.


Having spent considerable time with the Tacx Neo 2T Smart, its silent operation and road-like feel truly set it apart. It’s a premium trainer that delivers on every promise.

Neil Curtis
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