A study conducted by the American National Health Center for health statistics at CDC indicates that 36.5% adults are obese. If you look around when walking you???ll probably notice that there are a lot of overweight people.

But why are people overweight?

It can be for a number of reasons, ranging from health concerns to poor diet. Exercise of course is a big factor and when you can replace an activity with some sort of fitness it can only help. This is where bikes come in to play.

It???s no wonder most countries are adopting the use of bicycles for transport to work. Cycling helps you avoid traffic jams caused by car congestion in big cities as well as exercising your body. They are also great for everyday activities such as shopping, as long as you have a basket of course. You can see some of the best bicycle baskets here.

Cycling is fun, it doesn???t matter whether you are cycling for exercise or for sight-seeing it is so much fun. However, if you love cycling and you engage in it almost every day you need to consider the use of the effective turbo trainers when its winter time. They act as indoor bikes and even have timers for those who cycle to prepare for a race or as a form of workout.

Health benefits of cycling

1. Cycling is good for your mental wellbeing

Cycling helps relieve stress because of the adrenaline and endorphins produced during the activity. It also is a confidence booster normally experienced when you reach your set target or when engaging in a sportive exercise.

It???s no wonder, researchers from the University of Illinois discovered that when one cycles and develops an improved cardiorespiratory fitness, they also develop a 15% mental test improvement. You see, cycling builds new brain cells in your hippocampus which is said to begin deteriorating at the age of 30.

Due to the increased oxygen and blood flow which goes to fire and rebuild the receptors, it is good for those suffering from Alzheimer. Depression, anxiety and stress can be thrown out the window because this exercise not only aids the release adrenaline and endorphins but also gets you outdoor to see different environments as you mingle with new people.

2. Cycling for your obesity and weight control

If you need to reduce weight, this exercise will be beneficial to you. Cycling will basically increase your metabolic rate, help in building muscles while reducing fats.

If you are a little heavier than you should be, running or jogging will not be easy for your body at first so, it???s always advisable to join any cycling program for a start and as you shed more weight then move to other modes that you love.

3. Cycle away the cardiovascular disease

The most common diseases of our time include stroke, high blood pressure and heart attack which can be reduced when one engages in cycling activities. Cycling increases the heart???s pumping rate while burning calories. This strengthens the heart and activates lungs which mean there is reduced blood fat level as well as lower pulse rating of the heart thereby reducing the diseases associated with the heart.

4. Cycling and cancer

It???s generally said that exercise of any kind tends to wade away cancer because they activate the cells of your body. Cycling for 30 minutes every day is enough to make your body active enough to fight even cancer. Bowel cancer and colon cancer are also reduced when you engage in cycling.

5. Cycling for toning your muscle and strengthening your joints

Your arms may take a while longer to tone but it will not be long before you can see a difference in your legs. The leg fats will quickly be lost and hard muscles developed in your quadriceps, glute and hamstrung. If you pedal while standing you will exercise your lower back and abs. Encourage yourself to ride faster while maintaining a steady posture.

Pedalling up and down is a constant workout for your hip and knee joints which makes them strong.

6. Your sleep is assured

Engaging in riding will definitely tire you but, when you go to sleep you will be assured to sleep well. Cycling leads to a reduced production of cortisol in the body which is the reason for lack of sleep.

7. Maintained youthful look

Cycling regularly protects your skin against the effects of UV rays while reducing the common aging signs. Apparently, when you engage in exercise and cycling your skin is fed with oxygen and the appropriate nutrients while removing toxins. Exercise also offers a conducive environment to produce collagen which reduces the wrinkles as well as healing the skin off wrinkles that had already formed.

8. It???s good for your sex life

Physical activities improve the individual???s vascular health which also improves the sex drive and libido. Men who engage in any form of exercise tend to have a physical and sexual strength of men who are 5 years younger than them while women partaking in exercise tend to delay their menopause and libido.

9. For your tired days

There are days when you wake up feeling very tired to do anything including cycling but go for a ride anyway. You see, engaging in any kind of physical activity often activate your inactive body cells and that directly lowers your fatigue level.

10. It???s good for your body coordination

It???s said that cycling helps boost your muscles strength. Constant movement also helps coordinate your muscles especially when you cycle in traffic congested areas and all your muscles have to be alert. It will also increase your focus level because during this time the only thing that you concentrate on is cycling.


There are vast benefits of cycling, not only health but social and financial among others. When discussing them you realize that it???s impossible to finish them all in one sitting because more and more come up. As an avid cyclist, I am compelled to ask you ???what are you waiting for???? Come join the fun to reap the benefit of a healthy lifestyle and even live longer than expected.

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