Best Road Bikes For Beginners 2015/2016 UK


If you’re just starting out cycling you probably aren’t looking to spend too much on a bike, but you still want a quality bike that you can really hone your skills on. Here we’ve done the hard work for you and fund 3 of the best road bikes for beginners.

Boardman Road Sport (approx. price £399)

Boardman Road Sport (approx. price £399)

The Boardman Road sport is a very impressive road bike which features a 7005 double-butted aluminium frame with a Shimano 2300 groupset and FSA Tempo compact chainset. It has a more relaxed, sportive-friendly geometry than a full on race bike which adds extra comfort without sacrificing too much efficiency.

Boardman’s Road Sport is suitable whether you just want a bike to commute to and from work, or if you’re looking to get the miles in on a demanding sportive. It features some commuter-friendly touches such as; the rack/mudguard eyelets at the back, along with mudguard eyelets on the alloy fork- there’s enough clearance here to fit gull guards to help keep you dry in the wet weather.

The ride position is slightly upright, the head tube is 18cm and a whole bunch of spacers give you up to 5cm more front-end height if you want to take t e pressure off your back and get a better view of traffic around you. The Vittoria Zaffiro tyres are good quality too, offering a good combination of grip and durability, Boardman’s own chromoly-railed saddle provides more comfort; these loads of flex in the shell and plenty of foam padding too.

The Road Sport is a very capable road bike is designed to be reliable; it does what it’s supposed to do and does it very well. It easily takes up the job of commuting and is also well suited to longer weekend rides, or beginners wanting to get involved in group rides and sportives. It’s not just good for the money, it’s good full stop.

Trek 1.1 (approx. price £575)

Trek 1.1 (approx. price £575)

The Trek 1.1 is an excellent budget-priced racer, the short wheelbase makes it a fast, fun, and smooth ride; meaning it’s especially good for those just starting out cycling. Featuring an aluminium frame and fork with a bold, bright paintjob, the Trek 1.1 is a bike that will inspire confidence in its riders, the same confidence Trek clearly have as the 1.1 comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Closely associated with Lance Armstrong’s name, the Trek 1.1 is a great race machine, but isn’t limited to this; with 23mm tyres, room o fir wider mudguards, mounts for a rear rack, and eyelets for front and rear guards; this bike has cemented its year-long, all-rounder status.

The lower bottom gear is great for tackling hard climbs more comfortably, which may be appreciated by beginners or those returning to cycling, though the top gear won’t please the power peddlers out there. A compact bike; the Trek 1.1 helps take the sting out of the worse road surfaces, and the decent weight means it would be a good bike to take on a sportive with.

There isn’t much improvement needed on the Trek 1.1, with its sharp handling, comfort, and all-rounder status, this bike is great for beginners to get into the sport of road cycling, as well as for those who want to ride casually.

Carrera Zelos Road Bike (approx. price £299.99)

Carrera Zelos Road Bike (approx. price £299.99)

A lightweight but strong frame, the Carrera Zelos Road Bike is ideal for those who want to get into the road cycling sport. The alloy frame and suspension forks help to absorb shock and enhance the handling, giving you a smooth ride.

The Zelos features a Shimano chain set and 14 speed gears, the brakes are Tektro dual pivot discs, and the Quick Release wheels have a good grip on them. These features together with a light frame give you good handling and a smooth ride. This bike can go fairly fast and is great for beginners who have not ridden much but want to start road cycling as a sport, or for those who want to ride casually or commute.

It’s an affordable bike and can fit most people’s needs on the road, it has a nice size and offers a smooth ride; so definitely one to look into for a first road bike.


Just because your starting out doesn’t mean you don’t want a great road bike. But you do not want to pay through the roof right! These 3 bikes are all very reasonably priced and ideal for any road cyclist.

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