Kurt Kinetic 2014 Turbo Trainer Buyers Guide

Kurt Kinetic are a leader in turbo trainer products, with a brand new range out for 2014. The Kinetic trainer is renowned for its high performance and solid build, and they have re-built their entire range to improve on their already very popular cycle trainers.

There are four trainers in the Kurt Kinetic range, covering all of the main resistance brake types. They offer a wind, magnetic, and 2 fluid trainers, including their revolutionary Rock and Roll trainer than tilts as you ride. The new 2014 range of trainers by Kurt Kinetic have extra large resistance rollers, meaning they can fit most bike tyres, from skinny road bikes to mountain bikes. The official sizes they fit are 22' to 29' wheels.

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The Kinetic Cyclone (Wind) Turbo Trainer

kurt-kinetic-new-kinetic-cyclone-turbo-trainer-with-bike-251x300-8966848There are two versions of the Cyclone, the original (last years) model, and the New 2014 Cyclone 2. In essence both models have the same performance, but the new 2014 version has been improved to get a better ride. The Cyclone uses a dual fan wind resistance unit that provides road-realistic progressive resistance, and therefore does not have any manual resistance controls. As with all wind trainers, to get a harder workout you simply need to pedal faster and ramp up through your normal bike gears. The Cyclone is Kurt Kinetic's budget trainer, and the original Cyclone can be picked up for as little as £170, while the brand new 2014 model will cost you closer to £200.

The Kinetic Magnetic Turbo Trainer

kurt-kinetic-new-kinetic-magnetic-turbo-trainer-300x200-6231429Like the Cyclone, the Kinetic Magnetic trainer has a new 2014 model, which behaves the same as the original Magnetic trainer with some general improvements (such as the larger resistance roller). This trainer provides a smooth and quiet ride (Kurt Kinetic claim it is quieter than all their competitors), and the resistance unit has a built-in cooling system that ensures that the overall performance is more consistent and cooler. The magnetic brake provides a progressive resistance that can be set to 9 different levels via a handlebar mounted shifter. The Kinetic Magnetic trainer provides the greatest resistance of any other their range of cycle trainers, and therefore is best suited to those wanting a harder workout, or those with bikes with lower gear resistance, such as some mountain bikes or BMX bikes. The original older model can be bought for around £180, while the updated 2014 model will cost closer to £250.

The Kinetic Road Machine Turbo Trainer

kurt-kinetic-new-road-machine-turbo-trainer-300x200-1751887Again there is an older and newer Road Machine bike trainer, with the same general improvements in the 2014 model as with the other Kinetic trainers. The Road Machine trainer uses a fluid brake to provide progressive resistance, similar to the Cyclone. However, the fluid resistance unit provides more road-realistic resistance power curves that have been specially calibrated to give a real life performance. The fluid brake is quiet and you will get a smooth progressive resistance workout with this trainer. The new 2014 Kinetic Road Machine will cost you around 349.99, while the older model can be picked up for nearer 329.99.

The Kinetic Rock and Roll Turbo Trainer

kurt-kinetic-new-rock-and-roll-turbo-trainer-with-bike-261x300-9476594The original Kinetic Rock and Roll trainer was a revolutionary turbo, providing the rider with a more realistic feel as the trainer tilted from side-to-side. Also, the Rock and Roll uses the same fluid resistance brake as the Road Machine, which gives a smooth and quiet progressive resistance as you shift through your gears. Like the other 2014 models, the new 2014 Kinetic Rock and Roll turbo trainer has a large resistance roller to fit 22' to 29' wheels, but there is an additional improvement that addresses a potential issue with the original design. The resistance unit has been moved back and over the main frame rather than cantilevering forward. This provides a more stable ride and keeps the back wheel well elevated from the floor. However, the trainer still provides the same tilting movements as you ride, which is a unique experience and is what make this cycle trainer so sought after. The original Kinetic Rock and Roll trainer can be found for around 360, while the New Rock and Roll Trainer costs around 465.


The distinctions between the different trainers in the Kurt Kinetic range are very clear. They offer a lower cost wind trainer (the Kinetic Cyclone) that is best suited to those looking to get moderate use out of their bike indoors without real pushing themselves. The Magnetic trainer in their range is suited to those wanting a hard, high resistance workout, or for those with mountain or BMX bikes with lower gear resistance. For those wanting a road-realistic and high performance experience then the 2 fluid trainers are perfectly suited to your needs. The Road Machine is the cheaper of the 2 fluid cycle trainers, but it does not have the tilting riding movements that the Rock and Roll provides, although its overall performance is the same. The Rock and Roll does however require more core stability from the rider to maintain a good riding position, which means you do get a better overall (fully body) workout.

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