Top 3 Low Cost Turbo Trainers 2013 / 2014

top-3-low-cost-turbo-trainers-2583060 If you are looking for a solid and reliable turbo trainer so that you can use your bike indoors, but do not want to spend the earth on a machine that has a million and one features, then the top 3 low cost turbo trainers below are for you. Each trainer is from a recognised brand who are know for their indoor trainers and have a strong affiliation with cycling.

All trainers below have an RRP of less than £200, but as you will see from the best prices shown they can be purchased for considerably less than this (click on the images or the trainer name to see more details and prices). They are considered entry-level trainers, but this is no refection on their build quality and simply means they do not have computer displays, wireless functionality, and other features that the more expensive trainers possess. They do however provide a good workout and are a perfect way to use your road bike indoors when, for whatever reason, you cannot use it outside.

This guide is a direct replacement (or update) for the Best Cheap Turbo Trainer article we published around a year ago.

Best Budget Turbo Trainer

The 3 trainers shown below are in no particular order. They are all high quality entry-level indoor cycle trainers that will give you a great workout. 2 of the trainers use a magnetic resistance brake and ideally only one would have been included here, but we just couldn't choose between them. The CycleOps Mag+ is a hugely popular trainer, while the Minoura B60-R is also popular and carries a lower price tag. The 3rd trainer in our list offers a different type of resistance, namely wind. This gives you a progressive resistance that is more comparable to cycling on the road, meaning to increase resistance you have to shift up through the gears on your bike just like you would on the open road.

CycleOps Mag+ Turbo Trainer RRP £185 (best price £147.95)

best-budget-turbo-trainer-9895039This is a hugely popular turbo trainer and is an upgraded version of the classic Mag trainer by CycleOps that topped the poll from trainers under £250 (the Mag got an impressive 58% of all votes). The Mag+ comes with a handlebar mounted resistance shifter where you can select any one of 5 resistance levels that ensures you can get a solid workout. CycleOps make robust and reliable turbo trainers, and their entry-level option is no different. Read more and see where to buy'

Minoura B60-R Turbo Trainer RRP £149.99 (best price £126.95)
Minoura are famous for magnetic turbo trainers, and in fact this is the only type of resistance brake they manufacture. Minoura produced the first ever magnetic resistance brake, and the B60-R uses Minoura's Magturbo braking system. This entry-level trainer has a handlebar mounted resistance shifter to select one of 7 different resistance levels, and offers a solid and reliable performance. Minoura are a Japanese company who stand by their build quality, and as such this trainer comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty. Read more and see where to buy'

New Kinetic Cyclone Turbo Trainer 2 RRP £199.99 (best price £199.99)
The new and improved Kinetic Cyclone is still hot off the press and means its price remains close to its official RRP. The new design now fits 22' to 29' wheels and this is Kurt Kinetic's entry-level trainer. This is the only wind trainer in this group, and the resistance fan provides smooth and road-realistic performance. Kurt Kinetic claim that their wind trainer is the only one that provides coast-down simulation using a precision machined roller to reduce back tyre wear and speed-sensitive resistance. Read more and see where to buy'


All 3 trainers above offer a solid performance and are made by companies with a strong history. The CycleOps Mag+ and the Minoura B60-R are comparable trainers that both use a magnetic braking unit to offer resistance to your back wheel. The Kinetic Cyclone wind trainer offers something slightly different. You cannot manually increase and decrease resistance of the trainer, but it does give you are more road-like feel. In conclusion, you will be happy with any of these trainers and they all produce a reliable and solid performance.

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